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Cate & Scott Baker

What would it take for God to get your attention and show you he has a plan for your life? Cate and Scott share their journey through the near death of their daughter and the calling that God has put on their lives to impact others.


Maxine Berry

From a very young age, Maxine experienced abuse and depression, and at just 13 years old, she attempted suicide. She felt so broken, she didn't think anything could help. But God turned her life around when a stranger invited her to church.


DJ & Anjie Breathett

DJ and Anjie were on the verge of a divorce at the beginning of 2020, but the COVID-19 shutdown stopped their ability to file the paperwork. This gave them a chance to rekindle what they thought was lost.


Pat & Janelle Emerson

It's a common story: A couple falls in love, gets married, and has kids... but then the bottom falls out due to the stresses of life. Pat and Janelle were ready to go their separate ways until they encountered God and found the real meaning of love.


Grace & Jonah Gibson

When you’ve just endured the most devastating experience of your life, where do you turn? How do you face another moment, much less another day? Grace and Jonah share their experience with God’s amazing faithfulness through the tragedy of stillbirth.


Connie Heidebrecht

Can any good come from a life of sexual abuse, deception, and disappointment? Learn how God brought Connie from utter hopelessness into a fulfilled life—one that now brings hope to others.


Cheri Koehn

After a serious car accident and a cancer diagnosis, Cheri could've chosen to walk away from God. Instead, she chooses every day to trust him and his plan for her life.


Tyler Lyon

One act changed the course of Tyler's life, leading him to prison. But when he met Jesus, he found hope and a purpose far greater than he ever imagined.


Hayley Minear

Sometimes we face so many difficulties in life, it seems like God has forgotten us. Instead of seeing cerebral palsy as an obstacle, Hayley has chosen to follow God’s plan for her life and positively impact those around her.


Phil Near

When Phil contracted COVID-19 in 2021, he never imagined the valley he would face. Through complications, setbacks, and hardships, he never gave up on God. (And God certainly didn't give up on him!)


Jacqueline Reimschisel

God is our healer and our hope! Hear Jacqueline’s story of redemption—both physically and spiritually—from childhood leukemia.


Nick Shald

Nick’s story is all about declaring victory in Jesus’ name—through his first bout with cancer and his second. Let his journey encourage you: You can bravely face each new day with God by your side.


Nick Shald (2021 Update)

Nick shares what's happened in his life since his story was filmed in 2019.


Nick Shald (2023 Update)

Nick continues to worship through life's storms.


Eddie Silcock

One person can make an eternal impact. For Eddie, his childhood friend introduced him to Jesus and though this friend may not have known the seeds he was planting would ever grow, his love, compassion, and influence changed the trajectory of Eddie’s life.