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    4 & 5:45 P.M.
    9:15 & 11:15 A.M. 

The Art Of Songwriting

Taking A Project From Mind To Music Sheet

Austin Renfroe

Mollie Beaver

Leading the way means inspiring a generation to follow their Creator. Few things can inspire and encourage more than music. In this breakout, you will sit down with Austin Renfroe, NewSpring's worship pastor and writer of over 500 songs, and NewSpring Kansas Worship team member Mollie Beaver to focus on practical and interactive steps used in songwriting. You will also have the opportunity to help Austin write lyrics to a NewSpring original song called Leading The Way.


Behind The Scenes: Film

A Look At NewSpring's Creative Process

Justin Arwood

In this hands-on breakout, Justin Arwood will take you on a behind-the-scenes look at the creative processes used to visualize and create video content for NewSpring. You will learn about the storyboarding process the NewSpring creative team uses to develop engaging content and the steps that follow to create a final video project that inspires the audience.


Behind The Scenes: Production

A Look At NewSpring's Live Production Setup

Daniel Dixon

Brandon Deibler

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes every weekend to make NewSpring’s services happen? This breakout will give you the opportunity to meet several of our production staff, as well as tour the production rooms. From lighting to cameras, audio, and more, if you are interested in production, you won’t want to miss this breakout.


Creative Writing 101

Effectively Communicating Through Written Words

Tiffany Nix

Have you read someone else’s poetry, letter, or Facebook post and thought, “I wish I could write like that”? In this breakout, led by NewSpring Communications Project Manager Tiffany Nix, you will learn some of the basics of the process of communicating effectively.


Developing A Heart For Worship

How To Adapt A Posture Of Worship In The Way You Live & Lead

Austin Renfroe

Carla Lawless

DJ Breathett

Juli Kubish

Many things compete for our attention in today’s fast-paced world. What would it look like if your generation led the way when it came to giving attention to God through worship? In this panel discussion, worship leaders Austin Renfroe, Carla Lawless, DJ Breathett, and Juli Kubish will talk about the importance of worship, not only as leaders, but also in their day-to-day life as Christ-followers. Bring questions to this breakout as this team discusses their testimonies and how they’ve seen God develop their hearts for worship.


Finding Your Voice

Learning The Art Of Effective Communication

Jesse Mahannah

In this hands-on, interactive breakout, you will learn various techniques for effective public speaking. This breakout is not just for those who want to perform on stage. If you want to improve your communication skills with peers, employers, or college representatives, consider attending this breakout.


Keeping Your Mind Calm When The World Is Going Crazy

A Conversation About Mental & Emotional Health

Dr. Jonathan Hoover

There’s no doubt that the world students are growing up in is different than their parents’ world. So how do we lead the way when things seem to be so hectic? Join Dr. Jonathan Hoover as he discusses everyday tools you can use to stay mentally and emotionally healthy in a world that seems to get crazier every day.


Life Skills 101

How To Conduct A Successful Job Interview

Deb Gladney

In this breakout, you will hear from Deborah Gladney, cofounder of WorkTorch and volunteer worship leader at NewSpring. Deborah will share what is most helpful for students as they start applying for jobs with helpful discussions, interactive scenarios, and role-playing.


Living Wisely

Tools To Help You Understand God’s Word

Stephen Hoover

What classes should I take next semester? What friend group should I hang out with? What college should I go to? When we have big questions, we want to hear from God so we know we are being led in the right direction. But how do you hear from God? How do you go about navigating the Bible for advice on big decisions? Join Pastor Stephen Hoover as he talks about tools we can use to help us understand the Bible and how to use it to live “life to the full.”


Making Heaven More Crowded

Missions & Evangelism In 2023

Dan Kubish

Jimmy Dinsmore

Even the bravest of leaders can question where to start when sharing their faith. In this breakout, learn from Senior Administrative Pastor Dan Kubish as well as active missionary to the Kekchi people in Guatemala, Jimmy Dinsmore. They’ll explore what it looks like to share your faith on the mission field—whether it is in a distant place such as Guatemala or as close to home as the halls of your school.


Making The Most Of Your Student Years

Leading The Way As A Student In 2023

Jesse Mahannah

This breakout will give you a chance to listen to several different people who are a little farther down the road than you and hear what some of their highlights were (as well as their regrets) from their student years.


Money Talks

How To Honor God With Your Finances

Roger Mericle

There’s one thing that seems obvious in our culture and it’s that “money talks.” But why does it feel like we don’t ever talk about money? To lead the way when it comes to using our money well, we need to have honest conversations about it. In this breakout, Roger Mericle, NewSpring's executive administrative pastor, will lead a discussion on simple tools to help you wisely manage and steward your finances, as well as tips on how to avoid common mistakes with money.


The Power Of Prayer

Intentionally Developing A Habit Of Prayer

Debbie Kubish

It’s amazing that, as believers, we have full access to talk to God anytime. He wants to stay in conversation with us. Discover how you can make prayer a habit that will help you grow in your faith. Debbie Kubish, who has been at NewSpring for 35 years, will be talking about how she has personally developed a habit of prayer and how she has seen God work time and time again.


Vocal Coaching 101

Learning To Unleash The Passion Of Your Voice

Austin Renfroe

Juli Kubish

Just like any other athlete, a musician or speaker needs to train their voice. Join Vocal Athlete coaches and NewSpring worship leaders Austin Renfroe and Juli Kubish as they teach you how to strengthen and condition your voice to accomplish your goals. In this breakout, you will learn key techniques to develop a strong voice through proper exercise and nutrition.